Treatment for heating circuits

Aplications.-Corrosion inhibitor for systems with aluminum radiators or iron. Inhibits fouling and corrosion. Eliminates the noise produced by gases. Dispersed sludge and promotes circulation. It has a cleansing action of the circuits rusted. Eliminates galvanic currents in the circuits composed of different metals. It does not attack the joints. Avoid blocking the pumps.





The devices, which are placed in kitchens and bathrooms are easy to install. Flow reducers are attached to the household taps and reduce the flow without lowering blood pressure. They take various forms, fixed flow reducers, for example by a rubber gasket lower section and increase the pressure. Others mix the water with reducing air flow: diffuser nozzle to get a speed increase water circulation and a depression that facilitates the entry of air aspiration. Also there are more sophisticated, with a valve inside that blows when the water flow exceeds a certain value of a liter per minute. It is best to put a pack saver for all taps and water outlets in the bathrooms and kitchen of the house, which can cost between 10 and 20 euros, depending on the model. For an average household would be sufficient savings to a kit that included three broadcasters M24, H22 and key diffuser..